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Mám 13 rokov a s blogovaním ešte len začínam. Ale strašne ma to baví. Ľudia, prosím píšte komentáre, nech viem že ste tu boli a nech viem vaše názory na môj blog. Ďakujem :-*

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Náhodná fotografie
Náhodná fotografie
Náhodná fotografie

Long time no write

Zase som tu dlho nebola :-( ale keď môj život začína byť maxi vyťažený a pomaly už nemám čas ani na seba :-( musíte mať pre to pochopenie, keď zabúdam písať články... Ale pravdupovediac, ani múza ma už tak často nenavštevuje... Takže to zhrniem, nemám o čom písať a nemám čas :-( prosím píšte nápady ...

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Trevor,I'm not sure sure we're "losing fast." More states than ever allow concealed carry, we won D.C. v. Heller last summer, etc. I think we have a long road ahead of us, and there will be setbacks for sure, but I'm a bit more optimistic than you are…

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So nice to see the picture of Abby ringing the bell and with her Doctor. It brought tears of happiness to my eyes remembering back to the many times praying so hard for Abby during the many rough moments throughout those 2.5 years. Thank you God for watching over little Abby and her family through that very difficult time.

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Hi Nadege,The cows were pretty mellow, believe it or not. One of them stopped in the middle of the road and stared at me and my camera for a good minute or so. It’s like we had a stand off or something, LOL!Hope you’re having a nice day so far. Anything new to report?

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Shame they’ve got so many redemption games. When I went a few years ago they still had a pretty excellent selection of games. I was surprised to find they had Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution there, only place I ever saw in the states with it.

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I strongly beleive in offering programs to help drug addicts and alcoholics within the prison systems. The majority of those incarcerated cannot afford to attend a treatment facility, or afford health insurance. I think allowing access to help instead of just punishment will continue to increase the success rate of those released.

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p.s. and if you can tell me how to remove or move the ‘popular posts’ and ‘recent comments’ so that I can add other widgets above those on the right side – they don’t seem to me movable or deletable from within the widget area. Thank you so much!

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Welcome Alexandra! And what a fantastic first post! I loved your selections for the goddesses, and today plan to channel my inner Artemis and wear Ormonde Woman

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Chi town is a fun city! We live about an hour west and my sis & bro in law live "in the city". Where is your neighborhood?Glad things are working out for you.

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Oh, snap! Diane Lane!! Yes, exactly. I’ve been trying to place why you (Honie) look so familiar. And I agree; very attractive! (And now, when I find that “Inspected by” tag in my jeans pocket, I’ll always think of you!)On the much less attractive subject of jobs… sad that in a country where so many seek work the concept of a job “no one wants to do” even exists. (And I thought it was Jon Stewart who was shaping the political dialog! )

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I love these old movies! Has anyone seen the Broadway play? It seemed like they featured an act from it during a Macy's Day Parade show or something.....

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Lavendelmuffins lyder gode!Jeg har en opskrift på nogle lavendel-småkager, som jeg længe har haft lyst til at prøve, men så langt er jeg ikke nået:)Jeg håber dig og Rufus får en skøn solskindag idag også:)

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Dan,Your family did one of the greatest things that can be done for someone who is dying–you loved him, but also let him pass into the arms of Jesus (or whatever anyone’s personal theology happens to be on the matter–I personally like this imagery.) He was loved, honored, and cherished, which is a wonderful testimony to his life. I pray for you and your family as you grieve.

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I use to hate running with people (I like to zone out with music) but it was so fun running and getting to know. Trust me, I came home and was exhausted (oops, apt didn’t get cleaned)! BTW next time you wanna hit up that outlet let me know. I’m a BR and Loft wh*re!

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I just found your blog....I love it! I am currently your newest follower (Yeah...151!) My sister and I started a blog about 3 months ago over at welovebeingmoms.blogspot.com and have posted a lot of similar ideas. We pick a Theme each week and then do fun things that go along with that theme throughout the week. I love your FFF ideas...so cute!

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Keep it coming, writers, this is good stuff.

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Qué susto, te cuento que cuando yo escucho un estruendo de choque no me asomo por nada del mundo! Me da pavor ver sangre o solo la gente tirada con dolor o hasta inconsciente... Prefiero que me cuenten que fue lo que paso y como quedaron :P

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A pleasingly rational answer. Good to hear from you.

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En Juillet départ de Lisa Breisner, en décembre départ de Julien Gracq… une année bien misérable s’achève.Tous deux auraient peut être refusé l’affliction compatissante… mais nous sommes tristes, très fort encore.

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that he looks like trey, in the first book she admitted that she was totally wrong about that! derek is totally hot!! and he has those gold specks in his eyes! he is sweet respectful and awesome and kylie could feel when someone uses there emotion power on her. and derek left to get his mind straight he couldnt think straight because her emotion was overwelming him. and yeah i wouldnt want to be with someone who has other feelings for another guy i’d be heart broken!!!! TEAM DEREK!

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This has made my day. I wish all postings were this good.

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Learn PortugueseFebruary 8, 2012How scary! I can’t believe nobody in the preschool noticed he was missing. Also, I wonder if anyone saw him walking home and if they bothered to intervene.buy tera gold

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Hi Ben,Are the doctors evaluating her for responses to questions yet? I’ve seen this on many shows where they ask the person to squeeze their hand once for yes and twice for no? Are they doing that? I’m sorry that they are being overloaded. I understand why that would be so hard for them to cope with. I’m sure that they are calmer because you are there. Good and healing thoughts to you all.Kate

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This piece was a lifejacket that saved me from drowning.

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Luciana comentou em 29 de janeiro de 2010 às 15:50. Julia, estou procurando no site da MAC uma sombra (sem brilho) bem clarinha, mas pelo computador não dá pra ver direito. Quero uma cor que combine bem com as outras sombras que já tenho(Patina, Handwritten, Woodwinked e Kid). Obrigada pelas dicas!Bjos

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Well, my furry niece, now you now that doing anything with the government means you’ll be tangled in red tape for DAYS on end. Motor Mommy is lucky it was only ONE DAY!

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je prônais pas une moyenne de classe à 10, ce n’est pas ce que je voulais dire.Mais la note est quand même une manière de connaître ses lacunes, parce que jamais laché brutalement. Il suffit de relire sa copie pour retrouver les choses fausses ou justes, ainsi que les commentaires de l’enseignant.@superdupont: t’as le bonjour d’un cancre

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I forgot to mention that I used the same coconut milk as yours, but next time I’d like to try to blend my own one as it’s quick and cheaper. Is it so bad if the desiccated coconut contains sulphur dioxide?

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Silvano Tangi, sabato 20 ottobre 2012 alle 11:15 La Federazione Casapuglia Piemonte è presente con un prodotto tipico Pugliese “fave e cicorie” un delizioso piatto tipico della Puglia tradizionale di antico sapore e fragranza, la sua collocazione è Palazzo Guaita, arrivando prendere sempre a destra verso il centro del paese Calosso vicino alla chiesa.

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Good piece Richard. And, of course :) I have to add my piece about . Plus would urge readers toward Peter's post here yesterday from the Dane which was a stunner (although nothing much different to the situation that exists in all Western social democracies).

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As one of the stranded, I’m grateful it was with two good friends who like scrabble! I’m especially grateful that we were safe and my heart goes out to those who lost loved ones or their homes. Thanks Ronnie for the great painting and words!

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invented the game. You jumped thru the permutations I set for you."Yeah, I am sure the inventor of this game is posting comments on ORYR, patting his own back and fishing for compliments.Delusions of grandeur much?Fucking lunatic.

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Suzanne, I am so proud of you! I know what a journey that was and is for you and what a tremendous gift you are giving others. To share the intimate moments of grief and struggle so people will not feel alone in their struggles, is truly an amazing gift. Hugs and I can’t wait to read it.[]Zen Mommy Reply:October 5th, 2012 at 10:15 pmMolly, thank you for the vote of confidence. It means ALOT. xoxo Suzanne[]

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EM França, com a eleição de Miterrand em 1981 o que aconteceu?O capital começou a fugir para outras paragens. O socialismo foi logo logo metido na gaveta. E não houve nacionalizações. A indústria francesa aeronáutica e automóvel não apareceram do nada mas facilmente desapareceriam com um PCP e um PREC.

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four year strong’s new album is just them crying out for radio play because they want more money basically y their trying to bust an a a day to remember. To bad that they failed miserably and not even the radio likes that shit. they’ll realize it soon and they’ll be back to normal

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An emailed scanned copy of your documents! Email yourself so if you are in a pickle, you have access to passport, birth certificate, etc. to immediately get the ball rolling, as getting the copies you left at home can take longer to process. Email is quicker and cheaper than priority air mail to another country. (But of course, always leave hard copies with trusted people as a backup!)

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Klopt, oorlog is en blijft smerig. Veel is er ook op het beslissende moment gebeurd vanuit angst, zenuwen, en er was natuurlijk ook geen tijd om even in het Handboek Soldaat te kijken. De regels blijven wel nodig voor een beoordeling achteraf.

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Jodi von Jess - These are such beautiful photographs! Renee you are so talented! You captured JL and John’s love for each other and their families so well.

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Great recap, Jessica! It was so lovely to meet you! I just wish we had more time to socialize! Love that picture of us the 3 of us (well...except that my eyes are half closed. haha!). Looking forward to staying in touch and sharing DIY! :)

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